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Sheri Kendall-duPont
Cookie Artist & Co-Owner

Bryce Rowland
Drive & Co-Owner

Tana Rowland

Chris Rowland

Changing lives one delivery at a time Since 2017

Cookies and Autism. Who knew they had anything in common? We did! You often hear stories of folks on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Folks that need a lot of assistance or those with genius like abilities. There are many that don't fit in either category and discover it is difficult to find their place in the world.  This has been my youngest son's experience for over 4 years.

He needs an employer that will offer assistance but not too much and can offer the space he needs to grow. I have since discovered that Bryce is one of many folks that fall into this category.

As a family we decided it was up to us to create a competency based employment opportunity for Bryce and anyone else that needs our assistance.

We took inventory of our skills as a family and discovered I can bake delicious cookies. Bryce can drive and deliver. And that is how Cookies On Demand was born.

We deliver fresh baked cookies to your home, office, book club, or favorite local charity. Delivery is always free and the cookies are always fresh.

Join us in our mission to offer competency based employment opportunities to individuals experiencing Autism.

Let's change the world one cookie delivery at a time!


We offer gift baskets, home delivery on weekend nights, corporate events and weddings. Contact us with questions about your cookie needs and we will find the answer you seek.